Showing your home when it’s for sale can be an inconvenience. You have to keep it tidy, make the bed each morning, leave for an errand with the dishes all put away and then find a reason to make yourself scarce for twenty minutes or so when potential buyers show up.  This last item is the one I want to talk about.


Often times, sellers will ask if they really need to leave the home while it’s being shown.  They rationalize, after all, they know more about the home than anyone and can answer any questions.


While that’s true, it’s also true that selecting a home is often as much about the emotional connection as it is about the square footage and sales price, sometimes more so.  Buyers need to connect with the house and feel comfortable. They cannot feel at ease when the seller hovers. It makes buyers feel awkward in the house which is the last thing you want as a seller.


Buyers already generally feel a little at odds with opening cabinets and closets to really inspect if the home meets their needs, but with a seller still around, they feel even more unsure of doing so. Sellers…let them kick the tires. Let them discover how great your home is without you walking around with them.


If you do linger, you’ll likely also make buyers feel like they need to get through the home fast in order to ease the inconvenience to you.  You want the buyer to stay. You want them to measure things out, envision their furniture and where they’ll put the tree at Christmas. Let the buyer bond with the home on their time as much as it may put you out–it will likely pay off when you get that offer.